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This is a grid Expert Advisor. It detects the most probable points of stop/pullback/reverse of a trend and places a grid of limit orders.

Uses the Martingale system.

Uses stop losses. That is why long waiting out for unprofitable positions is out of the question.

Optimize the EA on open prices (it works with open prices)


  • CommentToOrder - comment to orders;
  • start_lot - initial lot;
  • distance - distance between limit orders in points;
  • level - number of pending orders;
  • multiplier - multiplier for further orders in the series;
  • use_sl_and_tp - whether to use stop loss and take profit;
  • StopLoss - stop loss level (in points);
  • TakeProfit - take profit level (in points);
  • Profit_in_money - when this profit level is reached, the EA will close all market and pending orders and start searching for an opportunity to open a new series;
  • Magic - magic number used by the EA to distinguish its orders.
Pall58 2019.01.09 17:58 

У меня советник так и не заработал должным образом. Суммарно за несколько дней советник проработал не больше 3-х часов. Налупил около 200 ордеров и слил почти 10% от первоначального дэпо.

Пробовал на GBPUSD и EURUSD результат идентичный. Так же по рекомендации разраба менял настройки, не помогло.

Sergey Bardashov
Sergey Bardashov 2016.01.18 12:18 

Хороший и простой советник! спасибо