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The NewLogicIndicatorConservative indicator is based on the NewLogicRobotEurUsdH1 EA, which in its turn is based on the MACD indicator - moment when the indicator crosses the signal line and uses Stochastic, DeMarker, Force Index, Moving Average oscillators as filters, parameters of which can be adjusted by a user. Buy or sell signals are displayed as blue or red arrows correspondingly. Apart from a newly generated signals, you can see signals of previous periods. If the current signal has changed its direction, close the order and try to open an order in the opposite direction.

Adjustable Parameters:

  • MACDOpenLevelBuy=60 - level of opening a Buy order
  • MACDOpenLevelSell=40 - level of opening a Sell order
  • MACDCloseLevel=80 - level of forced order closing
  • MATrendPeriod=7 - moving average period
  • MACDPeriod1=12 - the first MACD line period
  • MACDPeriod2=26 - the second MACD line period
  • MACDPeriod3=9 - MACD signal line period
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