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Dual Lines MACD Indicator With Bars

This is a classic MACD trend indicator including dual lines of yellow and white colors and bars of different colors. By default, the white line is DIF, the yellow line is DEA and bars are red above the zero axis while blue under the zero axis. The colors can be changed according to your preferences.


  • Fast: fast moving average line, the default is 12
  • Slow: slow moving average line, the default is 26
  • Signal: the moving average line of DIF, the default is 9

The following rules are used to calculate the three indicators of MACD:

  • DIF = EMA(CLOSE,Fast) - EMA(CLOSE, Slow) - white line
  • DEA = EMA(DIF,Signal) - yellow line
  • MACD = (DIF-DEA) * 2 - bars
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