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Safe Harbor

  • This straightforward indicator shows the trend direction and entry and exit points.
  • It works on any time frames and with any symbols.
  • Perfect for both beginners and professionals.
  • No repaint

Indicator Settings

  • PERIOD - the main parameter to set up the indicator.
  • ALERT - turn on/off the display of popups to alert of trend change.
  • Email - turn on/off sending of emails at the address specified in the terminal settings to notify of trend change.
  • Push - turn on/off sending Push-notifications
  • Show_ARROW - show/hide arrows when trend changes
  • Show_ARROW_PRICE - show/hide price labels when trend changes
  • Show_max_Lines - show/hide the maximum possible profit lines
  • Color_max_Lines - the color of max possible profit lines
John Brennan
2017.04.29 21:40 

I love this one, its proved to be very helpful for me. But its a real shame that the information panel has been removed, I found that useful

2016.12.07 11:55   


It does not give the correct entry point and also does not give an exit point.

The index is acceptable. It gives relatively trend direction but does not clarify places entry and exit

2016.05.27 21:02 

it is an excellent indicator

2015.12.08 14:32 

Excellent indicator

2015.10.07 01:06 

Shows nice entry, but as far as exit gos, all it does is show next high or next low after entry.

There is no way of knowing if another (High or low ) follows, so it may be a mistake if you didn't exit on first exit signal.

Rinor Memeti
2015.09.03 19:33 

Nice one

Version 2.4 - 2016.10.18
1. Returned arrow display
2. Added the Show_ARROW_PRICE switch for displaying the price labels
Version 2.3 - 2016.10.05
Removed excessive text messages
Version 2.2 - 2015.10.22
Added support for push notifications
Version 2.1 - 2015.10.05
Added e-mail notifications to alert of trend change