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Old faithful Bollinger Bands.

The algorithm of this indicator is based particularly on it.

We have found the best bands settings and implemented them in the code.

The algorithm also has a unique part which ensures the best use in trading.

Recommended to use as a filter, for determining a trend and an exit point, and breakthrough of Highs and Lows.

Adjust the indicator according to your needs.

Indicator Parameters

  • ChannelPeriod - channel period. Default value is 20. The higher the value, the more accurate signals.
  • AtrPeriod - ATR period. Default value is 14.
  • AtrMultiplier = 1
  • alertsOn - enable/disable signals. Default value is "true".
  • alertsOnCurrent = false
  • alertsMessage - signal alert window. Default value is "true".
  • alertsSound - enable/disable the sound. Default value is "false".
  • alertsNotify = false
  • alertsEmail - send signal alerts by email. Default value is "false".
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