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FT ROC Histogram
3.75 (4)
The indicator displays the value of ROC (Rate of change) from the selected price or moving average as a histogram. You can plot the moving average ROC values for smoothing indicator. Displayed Data ExtROC - rate of change ExtMAROC - smoothing line Parameters You can change the price, on which the indicator is calculated. Inputs InpMAPeriod - in case you want to calculate the moving average ROC, enter averaging period. Enter 1 for the calculation of the specified prices. InpMAMethod - smoot
PCFLE Histogram
PCFLE Histogram (Price Change From the Last Extreme) - plots the percentage movement from the last extreme. Can be used for graphical representation of percentage movement from last lowest low to current high / from last highest high to current low. Input parametters: InpDigits - the number of decimal places displayed on the y-axis You can set colors and horizontal levels in the indicator properties. Examples of how to trade with the indicator can be found in screenshots.