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BarsFX is a powerful tool for manual trading. It can be used to monitor ALL available currency pairs on ONE single chart. This makes it possible for you to gain insight about several interesting things that are normally hidden between charts.

BarsFX will reveal to you:

  • Realtime on all available timeframes.
  • One-click switching between single and multi-display mode.
  • Location of current prices, relatively to each other.
  • Identification of the strongest moving currency pairs.
  • A visual representation of the size of the movements.
  • Strength-to-color, by using RGB rainbow tables.
  • Visual display of differences between spreads.
  • Mobile alerts when programmable pip triggers are hit.

If you are new to trading, this Expert Advisor can help you gain insight about the do's and dont's in the Forex market by learning to trade with it on a free demo account.

If you are a Pro trader, this Expert Advisor can help you to become even better!

2016.11.28 09:52 

Seems good so far, developer very helpful.

Version 9.0 - 2017.07.07
Fixed prefix and suffix issues between brokers.
BarsFX should now work on all Price Feeds.
Version 8.0 - 2016.05.12
Added input parameter symbols_max to specify maximal number of symbols to display in case of too many symbols.

Also added TOOLTIP which shows SymbolName when mouse hover over area.

Finally added SymbolName p suffix support.
Version 7.0 - 2016.04.06
Added price and value options upon request.
Version 5.0 - 2016.02.29
Symbol extension update.