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Triangular Arbitrage

Triangular Arbitrage is a tick Expert Advisordesigned for simultaneous trading on three symbols: EURUSD, EURJPY and USDJPY.

The EA's strategy is based on arbitrage triangulation, which occurs when EURUSD != EURJPY/USDJPY, where != - nonequality sign.

The EA holds positions for a period from several seconds to one month! Average position holding time is about 2 hours!


  • Percent of Equity Drawdown - equity drawdown percentage;
  • Number of Pips - number of pips for arbitrage;
  • Risk - risk level (directly connected with volume for opening positions);
  • Type of lot - lot type:
    • fixed;
    • percent - percentage of free margin;
  • Correction of lot value - lot size correction (only if the lot is fixed);
  • Type of lot value:
    • Microlots;
    • Minilots;
  • Classification of lots :
    • Equal;
    • Unequal;
  • Profit Protection Class - class of profit protection (from 1 to 6, set according to the result of position closure as to when the EA has decided to close positions in profit);
  • Protection type of Class 4.0 - protection type of the class 4.0 of the Profit Protection Class parameter (coefficients);
  • Protection type of Class 5.0 - protection type of the class 5.0 of the Profit Protection Class parameter (coefficients);
  • Language of messages - language of log messages and alerts;
    • English;
    • Russian;
  • Prefix of Symbol - financial instrument prefix;
  • Suffix of Symbol - financial instrument suffix;
Prefixes and suffixes of financial instruments allow the EA to recognize financial instruments of any broker!


The EA cannot be tested in the МТ4 Strategy Tester. For this purpose, use the EA for МТ5!

If the EA does not open positions, it means that input parameters do not correspond to the broker's conditions. In this case you need to adjust parameters by means of testing the EA in the MT5 Strategy Tester!


Download historical data for all three symbols before usage. Before launching and re-launching the terminal, select "Hide all" and then "Show all" in the Market Watch window.

Trade only with VPS!

We recommend to attach the EA to the EURJPY chart, or to the USDJPY chart with the H1 period. It is strongly recommended to launch the EA at the beginning of a month!

Please test the EA in the MT5 Strategy Tester and optimize input parameters if necessary before using the EA on a real account!

We also recommend to use ECN accounts without commissions and/or swaps with unlimited maximum lot if possible!

Zhiteng Wang
2015.08.21 14:25 

The profit not same as details.

Low profit. Low trades.

Not worth the price.

Version 5.6 - 2015.09.02
Fixed the algorithm of closing loss-making positions. Previously, it occasionally did not trigger when reloading the terminal/EA.
Version 5.5 - 2015.08.19
1. Synchronization related to the opening & closure processes is available by Process Synchronization input parameter. The option of false relates to the previous version of the EA.
2. Cost Management is available by Cost Cover Ratio input parameter. The value of 100.00 relates to the previous version of the EA.