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Seconds chart

The indicator displays the price or the volume chart with second period which is selected by a trader.

Only High and Low prices are displayed.

You can save data in a text file where time, High, Low and Volume are indicated.

Input parameters:

  • show - displaying a price (price) or volume (volume)
  • period - chart period in seconds
  • separation - separating the specified number of periods by a vertical line; the parameter is not applied if its value is less than 2
  • max_history - maximum number of displayed periods, efficiency optimization
  • save_to_file - whether to save data as a text file
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Version 2.0 2015.07.28
Added values of Open and Close.

Additional parameters:
width_high_low - width of the High-Low value line;
width_open_close - width of the Open-Close value line;
color_bar_up - color of bullish candle;
color_bar_down - color of bearish candle;
color_high_low - color of the High-Low line.

The chart is displayed in the form of candles.