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Moving Average Chart Window Plugin

This is another kind of using the Standard Moving Average Indicator and get the output of it on your screen.

The Moving Average is rebuilt in a small window for using in the chart window.

Following features are available:

  • you can choose the TimeFrame which should be calculated
  • you can choose the Moving Average periods
  • you can choose the average method (Simple, Linear, ... )
  • you can choose the price method (Open, Close, ... )
  • you see at the bars if the price is above or below the Moving Average
  • you can choose the number of periods back which should be showed as a bar
  • you can choose the position, size and colors of the window, text and bars
  • and you can move the window with your mouse to any other position (update after the next tick)

With this plugin you can make a setup for higher or lower time period as the current one. So you dont need to switch between different timeframes.

With this plugin you are always informed about the different Moving Average positions.

You can make a setup for different timeframes, with different MA values, to get general trend information.


I sell this tool for the lowest possible price.

If there are any ideas or updated needed, dont hesitate to ask me for it.

I will update the version for the same price.

Thanks for your interest.

Regards, Christian Lehr

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