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This robot closes all your trades or trades of other EA in a specified profit or loss.

You also have a option of using the four buttons on the chart for immediate manual closing trades.

Robot also displays an information table with the number of monitored trades Buy and Sell, their volumes and profits.

Robot configuration is as follows:

  • TextXpos = position of the information table along the X axis
  • TextYpos = position of the information table along the Y axis
  • TextColor = color of the information text in a table
  • TextPos = position of the information table from the left or right edge of the chart
  • Close Trades
    • All Symbols = will watch all trades on the account
    • This Symbol = will only watch trades in the market where the robot runs
    • by Magic = will watch all trades with the following Magic (trades other EA)
  • Close BuySell
    1. Only Together = watch and closes profits and losses, trades Buy and Sell together
    2. Also Separately = if the specified profit / loss reached only trades Buy or only Sell, then closes only Buy or only Sell separately
For example: Also Separately = several Buy and Sell trades with different volumes are opened. The set profit is not achieved by all trades. Buy trades separate profit has reached the specified value and only Buy trades will be closed. For Sell trades are waiting for further development.
  • DeletePending = while closing trades also deletes pending orders / or pending orders will not delete
  • byMagic = if Close Trades set to byMagic, then enter here the desired Magic number
  • Close Profit = close trades in the profits. 0 = off
  • Close Loss = close trades in this loss. 0 = off
  • Send Email = when closing trades sends an email set by the in MT4 menu Tools - Options - Email
  • SounAlarm = when closed trades plays a sound file Wav
  • Alarm Wav = name of the sound file in the Program Files / MT4 / Sounds/
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Version 1.1 2016.01.27
Fixed a bug that could occur when closing a large number of trades