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BreakOut Scalper

BreakOut Scalper is a forex scalping EA that uses a smart system to detect key breakout signals then cuts the profit of the move as much as possible while minimizing the loss. It has option to stop trading before important news releases to avoid slippage and spread widening.

This EA is very easy to setup, you just need to set few parameters and it will run automatically.

Currently, the EA focuses on work on EURUSD and XAUUSD with low trading fee (spread + commission).


  • 5 digits brokers.
  • This EA is designed to work best on EURUSD and XAUUSD (Gold) with Spread + Commission should be smaller than 20 points (EURUSD) or 30 points (XAUUSD).
  • Min. account leverage: 1:100. But the higher leverage, the higher lotsize can be set. Recommended: from 1:300 or above.
  • Min. deposit: as low as 100$.
  • MT4 open and connection to broker server 24/7.


  • Max_Stoploss: This is the maximum stoploss of the trades. The actual stoploss (if any) is usually smaller than this value. The default value is recommended for EURUSD.
  • Signal_Sensitive: This determines the frequency of the trading signal (from 1 to 10). The lower value, the more frequent signal, the less accuracy and vice versa. Recommendation: 5.
  • Hidden_Mode: When running in hidden mode, there will be no visual pending order nor stoploss placed. The EA will open market order immediately when the price reached the hidden entry level. It will also close the order when the price reach the hidden stoploss level.
  • Lotsize_Management: This option is where you choose how the lotsize will be set.
    • Use_Lotsize_Rate_On_Balance: Lotsize will be set by a rate of volume per 1000 units of your balance.
    • Use_Max_Stoploss_Risk_Percentage: Lotsize will be set so that you will lose a specific percentage of your balance if the max. stoploss is hit.
    • Use_Fixed_Lotsize: Lotsize will be set at fixed value for every trade.
    • Use_Margin_Percenatage: Lotsize will be set so that the margin of the orders takes a specific percentage on your account balance.
  • Lotsize_Per_1000_Balance: The basic lotsize per 1000 units of your balance. It works with “Used_Lotsize_Rate_On_Balance” option only. E.g: if you set 1 lot/1000$ balance, then lotsize will be 2 lots with 2000$ balance.
  • Max_Stoploss_Risk_Percentage: Percentage of balance that you willing to lose if max. stoploss occur. It works with “Used_Max_Stoploss_Risk_Percentage” option only.
  • Fixed_Lotsize: The fixed lotsize value will be used for every trades. It works with “Used_Fixed_Lotsize” option only.
  • Margin_Percentage: Margin measured by percentage of balance that each order take.
  • Stop_Trading_Before_Important_News: Choose how the EA will handle the trade with news.
    • Always: The EA will always stop trading before related important news.
    • Never: The EA will ignore the news and trade as normal.
    • Smart: The EA will detect the important news and decide to stop trading or not.
  • Start_Trading_Hour: The hour that EA start trading daily.
  • Start_Trading_Minute: The minute of start trading hour that EA start trading daily.
  • Stop_Trading_Hour: The hour that EA stop trading daily.
  • Stop_Trading_Minute: The minute of stop trading hour that EA stop trading daily.
  • Order_Magic_Number: Set magic number for all the orders opened by the EA. You should set it with an unique number if you run another EA on your account at the same time.
  • Order_Comment: Set order's comment for all orders opened by the EA.
  • Max_Allowed_Spread: The maximum accepted spread to open trades.
  • Screen_Notification: The EA will alert on MT4's screen when a trade is opened or closed.
  • Email_Notification: The EA will send notification to your email when a trade is opened or closed. It uses email setting of your MT4.
  • Mobile_Notification: The EA will send notification to your mobile device when a trade is opened or closed. It uses notification setting of your MT4.
Note: Please backtest the EA in M1 timeframe with every tick model in order to get the most accurate result.
shq311 2015.08.25 13:01 

Loss account

Jaz Lim
Jaz Lim 2015.08.21 07:36 

EA runs steady and the result is impressive. I just followed the author's instruction strictly and everything go in track. I earned back my purchased money just in one week. Highly recommended!!!

Segun Oladipo
Segun Oladipo 2015.08.17 04:16 

Gains get cancelled out by losses. Nice graphics. Overall, there is chance for improvement.

Jateen Narsai
Jateen Narsai 2015.08.10 18:06 

Average so far. Time will tell. I will update review within the next 2 weeks. Lets see how it performs!


Sent Author direct message and no response for 48hrs. EA is not performing great. Not sure what the above ratings are about.


Seller has resonded to queries. Trades are still slightly different from Author's signal. Even still, signal performance currently is up and down. 2 stars for me for now.


Mostly losing trades. 58% loss so far. Running sing 16 June. Pathetic.


Please see my comment on Page 8 in the comments above, it has my live accounts growth chart.

Jack Brown
Jack Brown 2015.07.29 18:40 

This EA is real. It trades in real exactly as expected backtest. The losses are acceptable and small compared to the profits. Unlike many other EAs, which always win but unreal, this EA is real and truthful. I'm very confident about my profits with this EA.

Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2015.07.28 14:39 

still testing.... looks good so far. definitely LOVE! the MM functions, especially: Max_Stoploss_Risk_Percentage! Great!! Will update review after some weeks.

David_Duck 2015.07.16 08:01 

Your EA is awesome. Its order management is really smart and effective, it's out of my imagination. I compare the real trade with the backtest result and they are mostly matched. This is one of my best investments. Highly recommended for any trader.

NewWin 2015.07.14 05:53 

Wonderful EA!!! It works like a magic, series of wins with less loss. Simple but effective. Really love it!

I hope my account will keep growing like this.

I also want to give my thankfulness to Kevin, who is very nice and supportive!

Version 1.26 2015.08.19
- Fixed: Only take Max_Allowed_Spread into account in Hidden mode.
Version 1.25 2015.08.03
- Improved: Auto recognize timezone of the trading server to get weekend trading stop hour.
- Added: Max_Allowed_Slippage parameter allows to close the order immediately if the slippage is greater than the pre-defined value.
- Added: Take trading commission into account for more accurate stoploss risk calculation.
Version 1.20 2015.07.27
- Fixed: Annoying message when a Buy/Sell triggered while there is a new signal of opposite direction (rare case).
- Fixed: Triggered order was closed immediately right after open if the broker delay to fill the pending orders. Now it's fixed (anti bad brokers).
- Improved: Suggest proper value for input parameters.
Version 1.19 2015.07.22
- Fixed: Remove disturbing alert (#130) after the weekend.
- Added: Hidden mode, which allow to hide all visual pending entries and SL. The EA will only open and close market orders.
- Added: Smart mode for news detection.
- Added: More lotsize options: Lotsize rate on balance, max stoploss, risk percentage.
- Added: Notify when lotsize settings is not suitable for EA to operate.
- Added: Entry slippage report.
- Improved: Pending orders will expire at weekend automatically to avoid gap.
- Improved: Allow to manage multi-entries with maximum lotsize as a merged position in the case account balance is huge (million of dollars).

Note: Please reset all parameters at input tab before applying new version to make sure your MT4 doesn't remember the less settings of old version.
Version 1.16 2015.07.15
- Improved: Better optimization.
- Improved: Allow minimize the panel to save the chart space.
- Added: Max_Stoploss parameter.
- Added: Option to stop trading before important news
*Note: Please reset all input settings after update new version.
Version 1.15 2015.07.10
- Improved: Better signal recognition.
- Improved: Better order management.
- Added: Max allowed spread parameter.
- Added: Start and Stop trading minute.
- Added: Trade result notification to email and mobile.
- Added: Status panel.