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EFFE Elementary Flip Flop Expert

E(lementary) F(lip) F(lop) E(xpert)

The Expert Advisor implements an elementary trading strategy utilizing entry based on the intersection of two SMAs. A little additional trick makes it a good strategy. The strategy is designed for the H1 of EURUSD, but testing shows the possibility of use on other currency pairs and time frames.

It buys when the slow SMA crosses the fast one from bottom upwards, and sells when the opposite.

Parameters of the Expert Advisor:

  • SLOW_SMA - the period of the slow SMA
  • FAST_SMA - the period of the fast SMA. This line will be automatically shifted to (SLOW_SMA-FAST_SMA)/2 bars
  • LOTS - fixed lot size
  • SL - fixed StopLoss in points
  • TP - fixed TakeProfit in points
  • SLIPPAGE - slippage in points
  • MAGICK - arbitrary magic number
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