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MACD Virtual

The indicator belongs to the "no stress trading" group. It is meant for trading any instruments and timeframes. We do not see "noisy" market movement, and it make the indicator particularly useful for intraday traders and those who trade several symbols simultaneously.

Traders who set a value upon simplicity and high speed of the market mood interpretation will duly appreciate it. Such psychologically complicated task as holding an open position until the end of a trend and start of increasing can be also considered as its advantage. It also detects classical and reverse divergence and sends a sound alert.

If you have a certain experience, it can become the only tool necessary for seeing a full-fledged image of trading.

*** MACD Settings ***

  • Fast_Period – fast MACD period
  • Slow_Period – slow MACD period
  • method – MACD calculation method
  • price – price to calculate MACD
  • Fast_Signal_Period - period for signal MACD calculation
  • s_method – signal line calculation method
  • Slow__Signal_Period – period for reference line calculation
  • s_method2 – reference line calculation method

*** Indicator Settings ***

  • drawPriceTrendLines – whether to draw divergence lines
  • displayAlert – signal about new divergence
  • ReverseDivergenceLine - whether to continue reverse divergence line
2017.09.19 06:01 

easy to use helps to stay on trend

Francis K N Ho
2017.07.13 03:04 

I find this most helpful in my day trading. Thank you for this wonderful tool.