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Multi Currency Pivot Dashboard

This is a great indicator for traders who trade multiple currencies based on pivot point levels. This indicator helps you analyze the location of price for up to 10 currencies. You can easily find out if the price is above/below/between the pivot point levels. You can also use this indicator to analyze the correlating currencies and trade the pivot divergence.

If you find any bug or want to suggest a feature, just contact me.

I hope my indicator will help you in trading. Happy Pips!

  • R1 = Resistance Level 1
  • R2 = Resistance Level 2
  • R3 = Resistance Level 3
  • PP = Pivot Point
  • S1 = Support Level 1
  • S2 = Support Level 2
  • S3 = Support Level 3


  • PivotPeriod - timeframe used to calculate pivot values.
  • currency(1-10) - input currency pairs to display price and pivot values.
  • titlecolor - change the color of titles (currency pairs).
  • resistancecolor - change the color of prices representing resistance levels.
  • pivotcolor - change the color of prices representing pivot (mid) levels.
  • supportcolor - change the color of prices respresenting support levels.
  • pricecolor - change the color of the current price.
sunnychow 2019.01.09 16:35 

Thanks for share

Maksym Mudrakov
Maksym Mudrakov 2016.08.31 12:34 

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Version 2.0 2016.09.12
- Added parameter to choose pivot period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)