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Advanced ADX MT5

This is an advanced version of the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) indicator. Calculation period and method of smoothing movement direction lines DI+ and DI- are separate parameters now. When DI+ and DI- lines are crossed, arrows appear. You can filter them out by minimum and maximum value of the indicator at the moment of crossing. There are 26 types of smoothing (all types are listed here) including 4 standard types.


  • PeriodDi - period of calculation (smoothing) DI+ and DI- lines,
  • MethodDi - method of smoothing DI+ and DI- lines,
  • PeriodADX - period of calculation (smoothing) the ADX line,
  • MethodADX - method of smoothing the ADX line,
  • Precision - number decimal places,
  • ShowCrossArrow - show/hide arrows of crossing DI+ and DI- lines,
  • ArrowUpCode - code of up crossing arrow,
  • ArrowDnCode - code of down crossing arrow,
  • UseMinLevelFilter - use minimum values to filter crossing,
  • MinLevelADX - minimum value of the crossing filter,
  • UseMaxLevelFilter - use maximum values to filter crossing,
  • MaxLevelADX - maximum value of the crossing filter.
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