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Customer 2018.01.12 17:19 200 - 500 USD   from 1 to 15 day(s)

Youcanfind attached files in my olther projects(indicators are all free on the internet I pay up to 500$ if is faster profitable than others. Murray Math must be disabled after 4 candleh.                            I want a sigle that works on sttrategy tester and a multicurrency version. Phase 1= Create the base of the EA,starting with Selecting Currencies. ANOTHER NOTE I m writing through my phone, please add to CCI indicator that is not on the list, to open a trade when the indicator is volatile and openeverytime reachesa new value. By volatile i mean suming all the values and then split them back on a period of 5 candles for example. 

Phase 2=The conditions under which EA will create order, open positions or close positions

Phase 3=Include all the parameters needed for config

Phase 4=Test , config


 Selecting which currencies the Expert is trading. And direction which is trading ( download all indicators req below )

1. I want to trade up to 20 currencies, selecting one currency is manual, and those currencies available are in this list



The conditions under which EAwill create order and open positions 

(download all the requied indicators below)

Once a strategy, and currencies are set, the EA will start looking to open new positions based on the config of each strategy and will Open a new position when all/or the conditions are meet, which is.

- Tip to understand how it will work: You have 2 containers in which you can add or remove points from. 2 are for Opening Positions, 2 are for Closing Positions. 

1 is for opening SELL, 2 is foropening BUY


Condition 1: Once you reach the minimum amount of points you set in parameters for example there are 90 point cumulated to open a BUY position, and a 30 to open a SELL position, 

        The value resulted from summing all the rewarded points of the indicators, it's the raw data value that will be needed in order to open new position. For example the if summed value it's 70, or more, and the requested minimum is 70, then a new trade could be opened soon. ( in percent more points more chanses ).

       The direction of a trade is given by  [Level_ZZ_Semafor],open sell, if it's upper, open buy if it's downer. To open a new trade at least one of 2 direction is requied. And this work on 2 parts. Part 1 is triggering part 2 after 3 candle, then in part 2 the ea !checks(for first time) last of the 3 candle and if it has enough points to open a trade ( default 70) will open a trade on the direction given by [Level_ZZ_Semafor].

       Whatever an opened trade meets 3 rd candle of an oposite direction [Level_ZZ_Semafor], close that trade.

Attention: Whatever one trade is triggered, and in time of 3 candles, (before opening a trade), if [Level_ZZ_Semafor] is giving another opening in oposite direction of prevision one, cancel first trade opening, and open second one that comes up after first one in the direction of second one.

Let's start with Openings

Condition 1:

Indicators needed for condition 1 are:

[ Rainbow Moving ] More points when price is closer to the slow indicator lines. ( use it to add points )

-Rainbow moving, points should be distribuited by the leght of 10 candles   

[ 3 Line Break ] Three-line break charts represent a raw of vertical rectangle, the height of which is determined by the value of price changes. Rules of trading using a three-line break chart are given below: (Add points cumulated of last 3 candles of both directions!.)

[ Cycle  Identifier ] Detect spikes in charts for shorts, easy config for EA. \|/ = buy , /|\ = sell . And(Add points to third candle after first one.)

[ Color Stochastic ] Color Stochastic indicator shows overbought and oversold levels. ( use it to add points )

  • Stochastic readings above 80 suggest market being overbought, Stoch line turns green;
  • while readings below 20 - market being oversold, Stoch line turns red.

[ TrendContinuation2 ] Trends help to earn more money in short periods of time, they also "help" to quickly lose them, if a position is opened against the market. To avoid such situations the author developed a "trend continuation factor" (TCF). This indicator is created to determine the trend and its direction. ( use it to add points ) When blue above red means buy, when red above blue means sell.

[ Super trend-Signals ] Add 10 points to a specific direction ( use it to add points )

[ Supply and Demand ] Great indicator, it connects the most important resistance and support levels. ( use it to add points )

 [Level_ZZ_Semafor] Same as, shows hights and low, only that this one weights on 3 levels.(Add points to third candle after first one.)

  • Levelo 3 reward X points
  • Level 2 reward Y points



Close a trade immediately whena trade opens on the oposite direction, or [ MurrayMath ] Auto-close a position when  it step backward to a LOWer pivot, resistance or support. PHASE 3

PARAMETERS CONFIGURATION(This is just a example of how should look like)

___________________________Main Properties_______________________________________

NumberOfCurrencies                        ( 0 cannot be disabled ) + 20 (Default)

CurrencyPair 0                                  EUR/USD  (Default)

CurrencyPair 1                                  GBP/USD  (Default)

CurrencyPair 2                                  NZD/USD  (Default)

CurrencyPair 3                                  AUD/USD  (Default)

CurrencyPair 4                                  USD/JPY   (Default)

CurrencyPair 5                                  USD/CHF  (Default)

CurrencyPair 6                                  USD/CAD  (Default)

CurrencyPair 7                                  EUR/JPY   (Default)

CurrencyPair 8                                  EUR/CAD  (Default)

CurrencyPair 9                                  EUR/CHF   (Default)

CurrencyPair 10                                EUR/GBP   (Default)

CurrencyPair 11                                EUR/NZD   (Default)

CurrencyPair 12                                EUR/AUD   (Default)

CurrencyPair 13                                AUD/NZD   (Default)

CurrencyPair 14                                NZD/JPY    (Default)

CurrencyPair 15                                CAD/JPY    (Default)

CurrencyPair 16                                AUD/JPY    (Default)

CurrencyPair 17                               CHF/JPY     (Default)

CurrencyPair 18                               GBP/CAD    (Default)

CurrencyPair 19                               GBP/AUD    (Default)

CurrencyPair 20                               CAD/CHF    (Default)

___________________________________Technical TRADING______________________________________

Lot size                                          0 (Default) % Account Equify or fixed

MaxSpread                                    50 (default)

Timeframe                                    30 minutes (Default)

Trailing stop (0 disabled)                0 (Default)

Trailing startdistance                    50 (default 50 pip)

Stoploss (0 disabled)                     100 (Default)

PushNotifications                          6 (Default) 12/24/48hours

_______________________________Score TRADING_________________________________________

Minimum Open value=70 (the score needed in order to meet the Condition 1)

Maximum Open value=80 (the score needed in order to meet the Condition 1)

_____________________________Advanced Parameters______________________________________


[ Color Stochastic ]                 Points rewarded= If oversold(30toBUY)(-10toSELL) if overbought (30toSELL)(-10toBUY)

[ Rainbow Moving ]                 Points rewarded= If sold(5toBUY)(5toSELL) if bought (5toSELL)(5toBUY) last 10 candles for every color hit

[ Super trend-Signals ]            Points rewarded= If sold(-0toBUY)(10toSELL) if bought (-0toSELL)(10toBUY) add ( - ) value to negative value

[ TrendContinuation2 ]           Points rewarded= If sold(-0toBUY)(20toSELL) if bought (-0toSELL)(20toBUY) add ( - ) value to negative value

[ 3 Line Break ]                       Points rewarded= 5 to specific direction cumulated of last 3 candles

[ Cycle  Identifier ]                 Points rewarded= 20 to specific direction \|/ = buy , /|\ = sell . to third candle after first one

[Level_ZZ_Semafor]                Points rewarded Level 3=30, Level 2=25, Level 1=15, to third candle after first one

[ Supply and Demand ]            Points Rewarded= 20 (in verified support),  if it breaks Points Rewarded=20 for 4 candle both directions

Additional stuff

  • HUD

Overall Trades=
Profitable Trades=
Open Trades=

Lots Trading=

Best Currency=Profit/loss
Worst Currency=Profit/loss

Equify=In account currency

Account Growth=in %
Drawdown= In % ( Never resets the old value in account )


| Close all positions |(Stop the EA)

With frame, just if you can make it looking good.
Quick note: I'd rather have the hud in the left side of the screen, than in the right)

And send push notification to phone exactly this frame text every 6 hours/12/hours/24hours/48hours and then reset stats.


-The EA must work properly with opening trade function on strategy tester.

-The EA must be able to be uploaded on the market

-The EA must be written in English

-The EA must be done for MT4, and have included all indicators, all indicators must be invisible

Experts, MQL4

Developer 2018.01.17 21:32
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