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Customer 2017.12.07 09:25 30+ USD   from 2 to 3 day(s)

simple expert: open transactions following moving average indicator: example: open buy over EURUSD, consequently must open two positions on two other sell sell currencies ... always BSS or SBB

must have an external panel where I can intervene by changing the related currencies, where I can change the lots.

must have the trailing stop also on the external panel to be modified example: on / off trailing stop point, trailing stop step and trailing stop / noloss

external takprofit on off

up to 10 transactions against only on principal currency, example:

eurusd- mette buy e il mercato è contro ..... dopo 20 punti mette ancora buy, dopo altri 120 mette ancora buy ecc ecc ... Ho bisogno che nel pannello io possa cambiare questi punti in base al mercato

external panel to modify when it puts buy or sell, example: when the market goes in buy it enters buy .... I have to be able to choose if it puts buy or go against inserting sell

numero magico esempio chiuso: voglio mettere 2 e sopra 2/3 diverse triangolazioni: ogni triangolazione deve chiudere con il trailing stop solo le operazioni fatte da lui ..... quindi devo cambiare pannello per non mescolare tutto. ..

importante: a e segue solo la valuta principale, altre 2 sono solo una conseguenza

Experts, MQL4
Job completed in 1 day. Budget: 30.00 USD
: 2 days delivered .... very good, perfect job !!! Great programmer, did not leave until the end of the work !!!

Developer 2017.12.07 10:12
Jobs: 212 (59% personal)
Arbitration: 5 (completed in favor of the developer 40%, canceled in favor of the customer 0%)
Overdue: 93 (43%)

Developer 2017.12.07 16:16
Jobs: 73 (16% personal)
Arbitration: 12 (completed in favor of the developer 8%, canceled in favor of the customer 91%)
Overdue: 49 (67%)

Developer 2017.12.07 09:48
Jobs: 12 (41% personal)
Overdue: 5 (41%)
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