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Customer 2017.11.14 11:02 30 - 35 USD   to 15 day(s)

-The trend indicator should be multi time frame, so I can choose to trade using a trend of higher or lower time frame on the current chart.

In an uptrend ,only buy signals should be produced, together with exit signals.

In a downtrend , only sell signals should be produced, together with a exits.

Only 2 indicators are used in this EA, First the trend indicator, then the other indicator will be used like this;

Label the other  indicator as no-1 for buy entries, indicator no-2 for buy exit, indicator no-3 for sell entries, indicator no-4 for sell exits. This is so coz this is actually 1 indicator and so it will be used in 4 different ways separately as mentioned above, for both buy and sell signals and their exits.

When trend is up, buy signal will open trade, and trade will close when an opposing signal will close, the same way for down trend and sell signals.

I should be able to adjust all the indicators as I see fit.

The other EA Notes/ inclusions are as follows;

-Option of exit by indicator or number of pips away from the open price, whichever occurs first should close the trade. If number of pips is reached before exit signal, trade should close.

Stop loss will have to be placed by a predefined number of pips /adjustable as I see fir, and the stop loss level aromatically placed with every opened trade. So every trade will open with a predefined stop loss expressed as a number of pips below opening price in a buy and above opening price in a sell trade.

If the trade goes my way by a certain predefined amount of pips, Stop loss level should move to break even +1 pip, or say 1pip above break even [adjustable], so i will have to be able to adjust or   change the amount of pips move that will trigger stop loss move to break even +1.

Pip size should be predefined as percentage of balance[ adjustable] or fixed pip optional.

I should have the option to disable each of the four entry-exit indicators individually, in-case I want the EA to open sell trades only [ then I would disable buy signal and its exit signal], or in case I want buy trades only. [ then I would disable sell signal and its exit signal]

I should be able to use the EA,ON SEVERAL DIFFERENT CHARTS OF THE SAME CURRENCY THE SAME ACCOUNT. For example, I should be able to trade EURO-USD on 5m, and on 1hr ,on 4hr of the same pair but using different chart openings , so the EA should be able to differentiate which trades opened on 5m, or 1hr, or 4hr, so the trades are closed in order of their opening.

Experts, MQL4
Job completed in 6 days. Budget: 40.00 USD

Developer 2017.11.15 05:16
Jobs: 201 (59% personal)
Arbitration: 5 (completed in favor of the developer 40%, canceled in favor of the customer 0%)
Overdue: 90 (44%)

Developer 2017.11.14 11:07
Jobs: 94 (54% personal)
Arbitration: 16 (completed in favor of the developer 0%, canceled in favor of the customer 87%)
Overdue: 23 (24%)

Developer 2017.11.14 19:50
Jobs: 66 (18% personal)
Arbitration: 11 (completed in favor of the developer 9%, canceled in favor of the customer 90%)
Overdue: 44 (66%)

Developer 2017.12.13 22:55
Published 1 code in Library
Jobs: 21 (61% personal)
Arbitration: 1 (completed in favor of the developer 0%, canceled in favor of the customer 0%)
Overdue: 3 (14%)
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