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I found a trader on myfxbook that made a huge performance and i want to analyze each trade to reverse engineer his edge.

I want a simple way ( EA, indicator, Scipt, choose whatever you want) to plot the trade history i found on internet.on a chart.

The trade history is from 2011 year, so you know it's impossible to scroll and find it on MT4 simple charts. So i downloaded 

using tickstory the data from all the 2011 year, and opened it on mt4 as an offline chart, and it's working great.

Now i want a way to plot the trade history on these offline charts. if they appear like with this scipt "OrderHistory.mql4" it's ok for me.

But In the EA or Script or Indicator, i must be able to import the csv file or enter the history by myself :

Open date

Close Date

Action : Buy or Sell

Open price, close price. 

Propose me something.

Best regards

Indicators, MQL4
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