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Parol Manager

2017.07.17 Experts

Job finished

Execution time 35 days


Looking for an ea to manage the orders and input settings are below:

1 Magic  : 2525 (Zero value for manual orders and 1 for only current chart or mange any other specific magic) 

2 TP : 1000 (Points)

3 SL : 1000 (Points)

4 Trail start from  : 400 (Points) 

5 Trail move : 200 (Points) trail move points that TP drag once trail start from reach) 

6 Break Even effect on : 500 (Points) 

7 Break Even set to : -100 (Points of open price) Break even that to reset the SL if break even effect on which (+points), or reset TP if break even effect on (-points) Eg: a running position with +500 SL reset to -100 of open price of position. if be effect on -600 means if a position reach -600 TP reset to -100 of position of open price)

Comments : Customize (over write the comments, if already there by other ea)

* All input value are should be customize and need immediate effect even a running position. Eg: my TP and SL are 1000 each, while running a position I plan to modify to 600 each should be done at the same time.

* All the value are in Points. not pips

* Please do not add or avoid the any option to misunderstand.

Project information

30+ USD
from 1 to 2 day(s)