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Ultimate rsi trendline

2017.07.17 Experts

Job finished

Execution time 5 hours
Feedback from customer
exelent work


It s a job too add some modifications to the expert coded by il anokhin. See below what i whant, it s for hard experimented skilled coders.

It only work with rsi and an indicator named LT, one parameter for each, but Money management and trading tricks are a bit complicated.

- Upper timeframe of LT as filter : on/off

Timeframe : daily/H4/H1

Amplitude of LT

- First order : on/off/only buy/only sell

Upper timeframe as filter : on/off/only this/ in accordance with current LT (same way to open orders)

- Delete second order and replace by pyramid, with your system of no limits used in the recovery orders.

on/off/only buy/only sell/ only current LT/ Both LT in accordance with upper LT.

Use only with the equity in gain %/ allways use

Exactly the same setting than the recovery system : risk, stop loss, BE, Trailing start, step

% of drawdown to stop open orders and launch the recovery system.

- Recovery system :  Off/ single / only buy / only selll / With current LT filter / In accordance with both LT current and upper filter

All the same for the rest LT : on/off ect...

Project information

30 - 40 USD