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Customer 2016.11.30 22:13 50 - 100 USD   to 7 day(s)

I am happily using the qwik-deal plugin from wadamax.  You can see it here:

My issue is that I also want to be able to place limit orders, not just market orders.
Since this is a script, I can't have a separate widget running so we will need to
build me a new widget that has the old functionality but also enhanced for limit orders.


Here's the requirements:

1. Widget can be moved around the screen.  Should be same dimensions as original.
2. Widget can be closed by the "x" in top right corner.
3. Sell/Buy buttons show current market prices.
4. Mousing over buy/sell gives visual clue (slight change of color) to show you are moused over.
5. spread appears in top center.
6. Lot size drop down is in center.  -- additionally i would like to be able to set a default so that this doesnt have to be populated every time I start the script
7. SL/TP pips are available in dropdown and remain selected.  -- additionally I would like to be able to set defaults so that this doesn't have to be populated everytime I start the script.
8. P/L box shows dollar amount after commission that the trade is in.
9. I would like to change the close all to 1 click (no confirmation) just for this pair
10. (this is the main change) -- i want two new buttons near the sell/buy which are for LO (limit order) sell or buy 10 pips away from current price.  The 10 can be an input variable
that can be changed in script but is not on interface.

Here's what I DON'T NEED:

I don't need the depth of market stuff (grid) ... I never look at that.  I also don't need
the little arrows on the buttons.  I don't need the "Vol" box.  I don't need the "BE" box.
I don't need the "set SL&TP for market execution" checkbox (i have no idea what it does).
And I don't need the dialouge for closing all since its going to be 1 click.

Any questions, just ask!

Thanks, John74

Shubham Shubham

Shubham Shubham 2016.12.01 05:29
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Yaroslav Krasovsky

Yaroslav Krasovsky 2016.11.30 23:01
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Oxana Tambur

Oxana Tambur 2016.12.07 08:28
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