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Indicator based simple ea

2016.11.29 Experts

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Execution time 4 minutes
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good work .
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Thanks for good job and respect!!!


i will send the indicator ,its a slope line indicator which changes color , red for sell and green for buy . ea will work with color change . there will be option for what number of candles ea will wait to enter after new signal . if its 1 ,ea will wait the candle to close when color is changed and enter after current candle close with same color , same way if we set it 2 ,ea will wait first and 2nd candle after color change .

sl ,tp ,trail options will be added in a way so they can be turn on/off ..= use sl =true/false . 

ea will also close the current trade when entering opposite trade . 

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10 - 15 USD
from 1 to 3 day(s)