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Customer 2016.11.23 03:17 15 - 30 USD

I need an indicator on MT4 to overlay 2 mini-charts of higher timeframes on D1/H4/H1 charts. So imagine when we have D1 chart opened. I need an indicator that will create two buttons on the bottom right hand corner. First button is named 'Refresh', second button is named 'MultiChart'. When wew click on the 'MultiChart' button, two mini-charts of MN and WK timeframes will appear, with MN mini-chart stacked on top of WK mini-chart, both mini-chart of the same size, and they will be located to the left-hand side of the D1 chart window.

This indicator should work on D1, H4 and H1 timeframes. That is, when we are on D1 timeframe, when we click on 'Multichart' button, it will generate WK chart and MN Chart (both we called mini-chart) and display them to the left hand side of the D1 chart (just like in the picture).

And when we're on H4 timeframe, clicking the 'Multichart' will then generate D1 and WK mini-charts and display them to the left hand side of the H4 chart.

The indicator allow input to modify the scaling factor of the two higher timeframe chart, namely scaling factor from 1 to 5, with 5 being the largest zoom in.  

Also the indicator should also allow us to change the size of the two smaller chart (e.g. WK and MN chart) relative to the D1 chart. So for example, if we input 40% in the relative size factor, the WK and MN chart will occupy 40% of the original D1 windows. We don't need to scale WK and MN mini-charts individually.

When we display the mini-charts, it's important that it display all the indicators (say.. Bollinger Band... Moving averages) correctly.


  Attached file shows a screenshot of how the mini-chart should look like, this is an indicator that has a bug in it and I didn't know how to fix. A friend of mine show it to me and I like this idea so I am willing to pay someone to write a version that works for me.

Hamed Dehghani

Hamed Dehghani 2016.11.23 08:54
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Cuong Pham

Cuong Pham 2016.11.23 03:23
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