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Simple trading timeframe amendment

2016.11.20 Experts



I have an EA that will trade the Australian 200 Index. The broker time is the same as mine (UK GMT). So in the case of the Aus200, the market opens at 11:00pm GMT and closes at 5:00am. That's where my EA is getting confused.

If I open the MT4 platform at say 10:00pm (1 hour before the open), it thinks the trading day has already been and gone (because Australia finished at 5:00am that morning rather than about to start in an hour's time at 11:00pm GMT).

Its the fact that the market hours are across 2 calender days that makes it confused.

I'll want the timeframes calibrated accordingly.

This is a VERY quick job for experienced coders, so get in touch if you can do it.

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10 USD
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