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Customer 2016.11.17 16:06 15 USD   from 1 to 3 day(s)

I need an EA for MBFX V3.2 Indicator.

EA should do the following functions:

1- Take Buy/Sell Entries as per the Entry Signal rules of the indicator. 

2- Be able to set TP or SL as per the Indicator's suggestion or manually set. 

3- Be able to set number of candles of difference between the first Buy signal and the next Buy signal, visa versa for Sell signals.

4- Option to close all buy trades if opposite signal appears.

5- Send push notifications.

6- Option to turn off taking trades and only send push notifications.

7- Option to set total number of entries of each pair.

8- Option to set lot size.

9- Option to set Gradual increase in lot size.

10- Option to set trailing stop.




MBFXV32.mq4 23 kb

Anand 2016.11.17 16:09
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Danil Zaynullin

Danil Zaynullin 2016.11.18 22:10
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