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Customer 2016.11.14 10:52 40 - 50 USD   to 1 day(s)
Hi guys, 

I have an indicator that draws box and fibo lines based on the particural hours.

For example, I put time period from 4:00 to 7:00 and I get this (picture 1).

The first thing I want to modify it to add filter to those lines. Filter will be MA cross. For example: moving averages crosses to the 
upside, indicator should print levels to the upside only. (picture 2). MA values should be adjustable. 

The next thing is that indicator should not repaint. Lets say that levels where printed to the downside (picture 3). Few hours later 
MA crosses to the upside. Levels which were already printed (to the downside) should stay in place. 

Ok now about levels. (picture 4).
'Initial stop' should stay as is. 
'Box edge' should be erased.
'Entry' should stay as is. 
'TP Stop' should be erased.
'TP1/TP3 Stop' should be erased. 
'TP2' should be changed to 'TP1'
'TP3' should be erased' 
'TP4' should be changed to 'TP2'. 

so It should looks like this:
- Initial stop  
- Entry
- TP1
- TP2

Those levels should have adjustable colors. For example: Initial stop=red, Entry=green, TP1=orange, TP2=white.

I want to add also 'autorefreshing' (sorry, don't know the name for this). The thing is that boxes/levels do not appear on the chart until I will switch timeframes.

Like here: (picture 5a) there is no   box  and levels. Then I switch TFs and get this (picture 5b).

And the last thing is dashboard.

It should show: Trading pair, Timeframe, Bid price, Spread value, Stop lose, Entry, TP1, TP2 (picture 5). 

So overall it should look like this (picture 6). 
pic1.png 32 kb
pic2.png 31 kb
pic3.png 41 kb
pic4.png 29 kb
pic5a.png 30 kb
pic5b.png 35 kb
pic5.png 36 kb
pic6.png 33 kb
Valeriy Korobeynik

Valeriy Korobeynik 2016.11.14 14:24
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Shubham Shubham

Shubham Shubham 2016.11.14 12:56
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Jose Manuel Sanjuan

Jose Manuel Sanjuan 2016.11.14 11:04
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