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Trend function

2016.11.14 Libraries

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int Trend (int &candles, int &strenght)


The idea is to check if the upper timeframe trend agreed with the indicator on the current timeframe.

I need a function that returns 1 if the trend is positive, otherwise 0, moreover I need that the function can also write in the first parameter (candles) how many candles ago the trend started; in the second parameter, it has to write the strenght of the trend, to understand if is a strong trend and when the trend has started.

How to calculate the strength:Consider the % variation of currency value from the start of the trend.

Suppose that I received a signal in D1 that suggest me to go sell. Through this function I want to check if the trend of the upper timeframes, in this case W1 and MN 1, confirm me that going sell is ok, and also understand when the trend started and how much is its strength.

Thus the result should be the same as the image attached.


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