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1st EA

First  for directional bias we use The moving average cross over . When the fast crosses the slow MA that is the directional bias for all trades until it crosses again. This will be on the higher timeframe.

2nd after we have our bias we look for fractals to be breached in the opposite direction on the Middle Timeframe.

Fractals look like this they are swing highs/lows or turning points in price

These are technically fractals but are invalid because they are not turning points. most are just going in the same direction. Not sure best way to tackle this but I believe having a minimum number of candles after the fractal eg 7/8 may help reduce these mistakes. Like here price is just going down a little fractal is made but its not a swing high, price has not moved upwards so this fractal should not be valid to trade from.

There are 2 modes for mtf breach and close. For breach all price has to do go above/below the fractal this is enough to look for entries on ltf. For close price must close on the mtf below the fractal level if we were looking for a short. This should normally happen quick so having a setting for maximum amount of candles before close would be needed. the target is the next fractal low on mtf.

3rd is entry we look for on lower timeframe there are 2 entries Fractal Level and ATM

Fractal level: when we get to ltf we need a breach of a fractal on the ltf. price must close on the other side of the fractal. When price closes a limit order is made for entry at fractal and stop loss at the high of candle after the fractal was breached. target is the mtf fractal low. Limit orders should be cancelled if price hits target before enter and if risk:reward ratio is less than 1:1. Would be good to have a pip offset setting for entry and sl to give price a buffer. And if you could factor in spread that would be excellent.

ATM: This also needs ltf fractal level to be breached and closed but limit order is set different it's based on the fractal of which breaches the fractal level. This fractal will be used for entry after price has closed below the lft fractal level.

For short entry the highest buy candle in the fractal is used for entry and sl. if they are all down candles in the fractal or there is like a doji pin bar where its not clear its an up candle then use the highest candle in the fractal.

For short you use the low of the candle for entry and the high of the candle for sl and mtf fractal is still the target.

Additional settings:

Days of the week looking for entries

Allowing multiple entries and how many

have times of the day allowed for entry. this my be more than 1 so eg 08:00- 10:00 and 12:00 - 14:00 and can these times on settings be inline with broker time.


2nd EA

1st Have Optional HTF MA bias. If this setting is turned off on ltf we can look for entry in both directions. If turned on only trading inline with the MA cross over bias

2nd LTF Have option of Fractal or ATM entry. Entries are exactly the same as 1st EA but now there is no mtf and target is the next fractal on the ltf.

All additional settings can also be added

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