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MACD Histogram EA

2016.11.04 Experts


I have a traditional MACD that is modified a little to allow for color changes on the histogram and MACD and trigger lines.  I have the source code.

I would like an EA that embeds this version of the MACD I have.

The EA needs to be able to open BUY and SELL orders based on 2 specific momentum criteria for both buy and sell.  I need to be able to choose which of the two criteria the EA will watch for.  Based on X bars of change in the momentum.

EA needs to be able to enter orders bases on criteria and then add orders if the criteria occurs again.  So it has to be able to open multiple orders 

Be able to work with micro to full lots of any size.

Place one order but be able to close percentage of that order in 3 stages, 50% at x pips, 25% at x pips, close remainder at x pips

To have a trailing stop that will close the entire order

EA needs to be locked to an account number and have an configurable expiration date.  Also, some kind of code protection if the ex4 file is hacked.

EA needs to work on all time frames and work on offline charts that may not be a customized time frame chart like a 45 min or 75 min or 3 hour, etc.  I have an indicator the can create customized time frame charts. 

EA to send a notification when orders are opened, and send the type of chart (gbpusd) and the time frame and the order size opened. 


Project information

10 - 40 USD
from 1 to 3 day(s)