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Customer 2016.11.02 17:39 10 - 30 USD   from 2 to 3 day(s)

I have a strategy for binary options based on the grid mt4. My strategy is to place an order on countertrend when the candle size is 10 or more vertical squares, in a time frame of one minute. I have contacted several programmers but tell me this is not possible because grids of MT4 are random, and vary in size over time, because its size depends on the price of the moment, and that it can not be measured in fixed pips, that is than 10 squares in the graph of an asset at a certain time measures many pips, but at other times those 10 squares can measure other than pips. There are candles of 10 squares  measuring  5 Pips, and others can measure 120 pips, 86 pips, 16 pips. Therefore they say MT4 grid can not be used as a basis for programming. That The only ones who could solve that are the creators of the MT4 platform since they are the ones who know how to create an indicator that behaves like mt4 grid and at the same time it is read by an expert Advisor. I  need person who can help me on this. I prefer a people who speak an write spanish, so we can understand very well.

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