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Francesco Piantedosi
Francesco Piantedosi 2016.10.14 15:38 10 - 40 USD   from 5 to 20 day(s)

I ask to code an EA that will check email account, I use, coder must ensure that EA will work properly without stopping.

This is format of email, sender is always the same,

Pending order
Price 0.9893
Take profit at 0.9862
Stop loss at 0.9932
From 10:12 14-10-2016 GMT Till 14:12 14-10-2016 GMT

I prefer that sender's address of signals emails and email address to check will be parameters of EA.

When an order is placed, pair symbols should be modified adding a suffix, because my broker uses a suffix for real and virtual account. Just to be clear, EURUSD symbol could be "EURUSD.q", or "EURUSDfx", also in this case I would have suffix as parameter (default value is blank), and I'll fill it with ".q" or "fx" or other properly.

Orders will be placed when an email is received, and if TP or SL is not touched, opened position will be closed at "till" time (in both cases: loss or profit), if pendng order is not "Filled", it will be canceled at "till" time. (take into account that in emails time is GMT, but my local time should be GMT+1 or GMT+2 (summertime or winter time)

When order is placed, I would have a parameter to decide if I want to have SPREAD taken in account or not. (SPREAD: yes/NO)
If SPREAD is NO -> order will be placed exactly as written in email
If SPREAD is YES - > order will be modified ONLY for entry price in this way:

 1) Limit SELL orders: entry price=email entry price-SPREAD
 2) Limit BUY orders: entry price=email entry price+SPREAD

Default value for SPREAD is YES

Spread is variable and will be evaluated at orders time. My broker uses 5 digits for prices.

EA will be tested on a Laptop with Windows 7, but definitely installed on a VPS with Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition (64 bit). If a .dll file will be needed, coder will ensure that EA will work properly with both Operating Systems.

Details on this website

Name of EA will be LiveSignals2MT4

For lot size I want 2 options:

  1. Fixed Lot Size (minimum ad default value is 0.01)
  2. Lot size calculated by % of equity and number of pips for Stop Loss. So at SL my loss will be equal to "x%" of my total equity.



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: Great coder, his EA and apps are robust, stable and his work is fast. Bravo!
Hooshang Nosratpanah

Hooshang Nosratpanah 2016.10.14 16:00 100 - 150 USD     from 2 to 3 day(s)
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Satyam Shivam

Satyam Shivam 2016.10.15 15:50 40 USD     from 2 to 3 day(s)
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