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2016.10.12 Experts


Hi , I need a robot that will open a position and close it with a loss or a profit. lets say with 20 pips . The robot will do this contiounusly on the same direction. Until I stop it.  But It must open position only once in every single candle. So in M1 chart lets think in 150 minutes It can open max 150 positions .I am sure It will be less because I am sure some positions will not be closed in one candle. One more think is stop loss must be lets say 20 pips for sure. But taking profit one must be a trailing one so that If I catch a long leg position It must not close in 20 pips must try to take as much as it can . Hope to here from all ... Regards   

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10 - 30 USD
from 2 to 5 day(s)