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Adding a news filter in an existing EA

2016.10.05 Experts



I have ea, i want to add a news filter in it with 3 controls.

1. Detection news and news impact for the current trading pair:

High impact= TRUE/FALSE

Medium impact= TRUE/FALSE

Low impact= TRUE/FALSE

News/Special news Detection= FOMC, FEDARAL FUND RATES etc.

2. Stop trading and Close Existing order before (High impact,Medium impact,Low impact / Special News) News.

Stop EA before News Hour=00
Stop EA before News Minute=00
Start EA after News Hour=00
Start EA after News Minute=00

3. Close Existing Trades:

Close All trades=True/False
Close Profitable trades=True/False

Comment in Chart:

Closed all trades/profitable trades.
EA Stopped trading for the (currency and impact/ Special News) news.

You can get news from here:

Project information

25 - 50 USD
from 1 to 2 day(s)