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Customer 2016.09.30 10:22 20 - 25 USD   from 1 to 2 day(s)


Price is negotiable, please see specification below.

Requirement specification:

I'd like you to design a dashboard indicator/EA that displays both maximum drawdown and actual (open position) total drawdown.
Furthermore it should be able to show the amount of pips in profit/loss per open position, as well as the actual profit/loss after deduction of commissions.
Actual drawdown should be recalculated whenever i open a new position so that the sum of commission/spread loss is added to the already existing drawdown.

1. It should be able to automatically close all open positions when actual drawdown exceeds a predefined percentual loss. For example,
close all positions when total losses reach  more than 5% of equity.

2. It should be able to take in account commissions charged by the broker and add that starting loss in pips to the loss in pips due to symbol spread.
The total starting loss in pips is then displayed in the dashboard (together with actual loss/profit). Likewise commissions should be subtracted from the amount of pips in

3. There are 2 options to get this done:

3a. Via a predefined commission percentage. Commission percentage should be adjustable.
So for example. The broker (my current broker) charges a 2% commission per 1 lot traded. The base currency is AUDUSD, the balance currency is
EUR. 2% of 100000 AUD is 2000 AUD, converted to euro's thats 1368.21, then you calculate how much pips that should be (for forex
1 pip is 10 USD difference i believe) If i trade a minilot the commission is less offcourse. Furthermore the indicator/EA should function without a commission
charge as well. So one should be able to insert 0% commission as a setting so that the indicator works with classic and STP accounts as well.

3b. Or you could use the mt4 function OrderCommission(), in which case the commission option should be a boolean option instead of an extern int. Either way,
commission should be taken into account when calculating pips and profit/loss.

4. The dashboard should reside within an indicator window. The information per open position should include the symbol name, the amount of pips in profit/loss (after commission)
and the actual profit/loss(again after commission deducted/added). When a position is in loss all the letters should be colored in red. When the position is in profit the color
lime green should be used. Maximum drawdown should be colored in light grey, whilst actual drawdown should be colored in red as long as it is existent. Whenever the total sum of
open positions turns into a profit the actual drawdown is 0% and should be colored in lightgrey in such a case. So actual drawdown means red, no actual drawdown means light Grey.

5. The indicator should include an alert option that can notify the user when actual drawdown exceeds a certain predefined percentual loss.

Please be mindful of the fact that movements of forex are measured in points (also called pipettes) with 5 digit brokers. So to get the amount of pips you should have that divided
by 10. The indicator should be able to distinguish between point measurement and pip measurement (for example gold and indices are measured in pips on the chart, whilst forex is measured
in pipettes/points)

Mohammad Soubra

Mohammad Soubra 2016.09.30 15:42
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Bogdan Alin Baltatu

Bogdan Alin Baltatu 2016.09.30 12:51
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Indra Lukmana

Indra Lukmana 2016.10.06 23:38
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