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Customer 2016.09.26 22:35 10 - 15 USD   from 1 to 2 day(s)

I need a EA that work on RENKO Chart, I will set a indicator that change the briks acording the

up trend or down trend, and every time the color change the EA have to close a last order and open

a new order acording the color of the renko chart. also on parameters I need

-money management, 

-increase lote size: if a last order was negative the next one will increase in steps (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5...) sequencial not doble. but this option have to be set with swich (on/off)

-break even 

- close parcial order after certain number pips- if i set 01 standard lot and i want the EA close 0.5 lote when profit hit 20 pips for example, when i have this value the EA close halph lot and let the rest run, also

this option to Stop loss....

- desired take profit and/or stop loss per day : if the EA have certain value of profit or loss on day it stop working during the day..... this option also have to be (on/off) 


important behavior: once the indicator show some trend, lets assume LONG trend , the EA will open a market long order, but it will set a Stop REverse pending order while the price go long after X pips. at same level the EA open a long order it have to set a short pending order, so if price change the direction it will close the long order and open a short order...... so this is a important detail, sometimes the indicator still will show long color but

the pending order will close the last order and open a short order, every time the price cross this level the EA have to change a direction of the order. if the EA changed the direction of the order due pending order line and after the indicator change color the EA will always folow the color of the indicator, the idea of this pending order is just to cut fast the losing orders 



OBS: atached the indicator 





Experts, MQL4

Developer 2016.09.27 03:26
Jobs: 1120 (50% personal)
Arbitration: 64 (completed in favor of the developer 42%, canceled in favor of the customer 26%)
Overdue: 374 (33%)

Developer 2016.09.27 10:04
Jobs: 31 (19% personal)
Arbitration: 8 (completed in favor of the developer 25%, canceled in favor of the customer 62%)
Overdue: 16 (51%)
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