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Customer 2016.05.18 11:26 120 - 150 USD   from 7 to 21 day(s)

Hello Dear Programmer,

Seeking English speaking, competent, experienced coder for profitable EA creation. Important Notes:


I) Strategy is made up of 6 rules. Based on 1 indicator, MM rules.


II)  Rules 1 and 2 for Volume_Divergence_Markers should not be identified by these error markings that appear regularly as can be seen in Image A. They appear away from the price. They tend to occur by themselves after a period and when dragging chart back in time. When trading manually, to correct markings I usually set chart to M5 then back to M1. This makes only the correct markings appear again in M1. Can these error Volume_Divergence_Markers (see in Image A) be prevented from being counted as part of Rules 1 and 2 ? M.H (programmer) has confirmed "Yes".

III)  Budget is $120-$150 (to be paid through MQL) for it's successful functioning creation. $150 to be paid if first demo version is bug free and correctly executing strategy rules. Otherwise $120. It is profitable in manual trading so far with a couple of trades a day. Project on basis that you can have "Private Use". But not for re creation (including re distribution, resale as EA, signals or code). All the exclusive rights to the ordered software belong to the customer.

IV) On M1 chart on any pair. Custom variables to be added to EA in green, in "inverted commas", number after ":" that is the changeable value.

V) Developer to provide bug free EX4 version of MT4 EA and 5 year back test on completion.

VI) Full required specification with images to follow in word document.

VII) As part of price pre agreed for project; developer agrees up to an additional 10% features/changes not specified in requirements.

VIII) Before completion of job and payment a live demo operating for 1 week is required to ensure EA is working as intended and bug free.

IX) Detail of expert should include; placing all of the necessary checks, error description to be printed in Journal, restore normal operation after a connection failure, add a few attempts to open a position with an error, and maybe something else - at your discretion. All exceptions should be handled. Should work on all markets with different brokers on real account, with different EA’s (therefore have Variable: “Magic Number”: 999).


Mohammad Soubra

Mohammad Soubra 2016.05.18 16:39
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Cuong Pham

Cuong Pham 2016.05.18 11:39
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Mohamed Hamdy

Mohamed Hamdy 2016.05.18 19:51
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