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I need a new Forex bot (wich will work on an Android phone) based on candle stick formation and alligator indicator.                          I need a situation where  the robot will open one buy position of same lot size in each bullish candle wich will cross above the alligator indicator incase a beallish candle will fom above ta alligator indicator the bot will not perform any task but wait for a bullish candle then li will resume its task.                        Incase of a sale position the bot will place a sale position in every beallish candle wich will form below the alligator indicator.I will  provide sl and TP and days to trade on secede sector


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I need an upgraded accurate binary bot that can work on deriv platform and can trade any of the volatility market. The bot should be able to buy and sell with a good profit multiplier and daily income with a higher winning rate. I will provide more details on video. I will also provide more details once you are selected
Hi dear coders, i have a trading utility that is in mt4, and i made an mt5 version of it, but unfortunately i can not convert a few functions from mt4 to mt5. The job would consist of converting only a few functions from mql4 to mql5 to an already existing mql5 program. I will handle the files in private discussion and i will also let you know in private what functions to convert . My budget is fixed ! Thank you
Hello i've a mt4 trading dashboard that i wanna convert to be mt5/mql5 language . its just simple one and i wanna be exactly same as mt4 with all features
Hi, I am keen to engage you for a job. I actually already have a EA ready but I will like to optimise and more importantly have a discussion on how to improve the strategy to obtain a lower drawdown % with optimal profits. Hence, the key steps are to discuss (1) possible improvements to the EA strategy and (2) finding the best parameters to finalise the EA for use in a live account. For that, you need to be highly
I have used the ea builder to build and it works fine on my mt5 platform apart from showing errors in the journal when trying set SL or TP. -I am looking to hire a developer from here to append the two EAs I created I would be trying to achieve the following precisely: -Merge the formulas in 1 ea with conditional logic to scan markets or loop over various currencies pairs and only open a trade if conditions are met
I am interested in an EA which uses a simple triple EMA for spread betting GBP to USD, although theoretically this could work on other currency pairs and commodities etc. I am very much a beginner and this would be a good place to start for me so that I can learn the MQL5 language. This should function in MT5. The method I have in mind is as follows: Plot three exponential moving averages—a five-period EMA, a
I have 4 different indicators i need to make into an EA with ATR stop loss and risk reward as take profit. I would also like to add some extra simple optional indicators like Moving average and stoch rsi if possible. There should also be possible to choose time off the day for the bot to be active. The different indicators are a Fractal breakout indicator, TSV indicator, and RSI MA indicator (I have the source code
Developers I'm looking for a Scalper that will take small profits 5 to 10 pips, must be able to open hundreds of trades per day and work on all time frames. Able to trade Forex pairs as well as Indices. I am also open to any advice you may have.. Rules for Buy trade Robot open buy trade on close of bullish candle. Rules to exit Buy trade The close of the next bearish candle, exit or close the buy trade. Rules for
I need a very simple EA which: 1- Should work on Top Bottom (Resistance/ Support) and trend follow approach based on two Moving Averages i.e.; Large MA, Short MA . 2- If the price is above Large Moving average, it’s an uptrend and if it’s below Large MA, it’s a downtrend. All kinds of Moving average should be available (SMA, EMA, WMA etc.) in EA and the trader should be able to select the type of moving
Hope you're doing well out here. My request is a simple automation of a hedging strategy I discovered which works the same way as the surefire hedge strategy but the risk management is different. Unfortunatrly I was scammed last time hiring a programmer so you have to excuse my small budget. The strategy makes use if 2 lot sizes. We open an order at with $1 lotsize and incase it's incorrect a lot size of $1.5 is used

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