Syed Arsalan Mustafa


Dear sir  I am syed Arsalan Mustafa I need loan for few days I will return very soon please sir don't reject my request  I am very  thankfull too you i m waiting your good response 
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very difficult job for skilled experts programmer , complicated and boring work on double pair ema (one of the most difficult indicators to manage ) impossible for programmers under 200 jobs to understand it. the code is simplified and reduced so that it can also be executed by people who are not named Einstein. newbies keep away ,, don't waste your time with me people capable of writing even a finished sentence and
Hello dear developer, I need help with modifying an existing expert advisor for mt4. Please do not hesitate to bid now so that we can discuss further on this project. Thanks
Advisor for mt5 and mt4 using a pairs trading strategy. It will be working 4 positions that are counted as only 2. ( First position is sell buy, second position is buy sell) both of these pairs work separately with their own parameters
Programmer to create robot in M5 for MT4 with martingale. With entries in M5 that operate in MT4 making gale as in the example below and closing with a higher profit the more orders you open. - Robot m5, Martingale 3 openings 0.02 2 openings 0.04 From there 0.06 0.08 0.10 0.12
Looking for a simple bot that auto takes trades based off a indicator that prints its own buy/sell signals. i would like the bot to execute pending orders and market orders when the indicator system prints a green (Buy) arrow or red (Sell) arrow i want the bot to only take the trades at certain times of the day 2:00 am-11:30 am EST as you can see from the screenshot below there's arrows that pop up that have a
Hello I am looking for a developer or programmer to port my indicators from Tradingview to MT5 and also turn it into a robot that can be used on MT5 I have 3 indicators that I want to convert to MT5 in the first step Then convert each indicator to EXPERT And communicate with me about identifying buying and selling operations on condition 1- Compliance with all conditions and matching data when transferring 2 - The
debug my ea,put code so it can be accepted in mql5 markert,fix markert closed error . the ea should hide indicator when trading and have button to display and hide in real trading not using hideindicatorontester function
Hello dear developer! I need help with converting a tradingview indicator to mql4, kindly bid now if you are an expert at this field so that we can discuss further on how to execute this task as requested. Please feel free to inbox me now. Thanks
I have a Tradingview strategy, but I dont really know how to make an expert advisor out of it. Thats why I want someone to help me do that. The strategy/indicator is written in Pinescript
Best setting 50+ USD
Ho testato il mio EA per molto tempo e su un conto demo ICMarkets è sempre profittevole, quando passo al conto reale questo non è più profittevole come la demo. Il problema potrebbe essere lo slippage. Cerco programmatore per settare in modo perfetto il file preset. I have tested my EA for a long time and on a demo account ICMarkets it is always profitable, when I switch to the real account it is no longer as

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100 - 300 USD
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90 - 270 USD
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