In need of an automated robot for mt4,that trades currency's boom and crash.with a low minimum deposit of 30 USD upwards

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I'm a first timer on Forex family and I need a tool that can help me trade and make more wins and less lose or using a mobile phone which is something I can afford now.I need an automated robot that can concentrate on making more profit with no errors of losing investment I'm using a FoxPro broker it will be nice if the robot can trade in there with no difficulty eg I want to trade currencies,boom and crash, anything else I live to your expecties.the deposit should start from as little as 10 USD upwards.


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I'm looking for an experienced developer that can produce an EA that integrates price action and moving averages that suffers limited drawdown and has a relatively high win rate. I want the Ea to be suitable for funded accounts and if you're interested in working with me I will attach the document of the strategy so you are fully aware what needs to be done
Hi I want my trades in the MT5 terminals to be copied to PPro8 From DTTW. Just one basic function to copy exactly all the trades when it opens/closes orders
Hi there! Are you interested in doing a thinkorswim bot (i have thinkscript) for trading options .. NOT stocks. Please kindly bid now if you are an expert at this field and feel free to bid me now to get the project done
Candlesticks Patterns EA 100 - 240 USD
The EA must supports 37 candlesticks patterns with bullish/bearish versions and must use, based on patterns detected, indicators to confirm/invalidate these signals. System required are: One Symbol, Multi Symbol support based a single attached chart Trailing Stop Loss; Trading Week Time Filters with AUTO time detecting; Risk Management; High spread / slippage protection; Inverted Trend Protection; Close On Total
Need an EA based on Indicator, EA to be on all basic functions, which EA should perform. EA should have smart functions. EA will basic have trail step, stop profit stop loss etc
EA will trade using 3 level semafor indicator provided. We are only interested in the "semafor 3”. Which is the yellow circle with the number "3'‘. This indicator repaints, but once a new semafor 3 appears then all the previous semafor 3s will not paint and will be permanent. The picture displays 4 semafors . labeled from 1 to 4. Please read attached PDF for full information
Hi, I already use my own EAs, so I need one EA to close all opened positions if we are in "5%" drawdown from balance. If you dont have time to code, please dont subscribe
I want an expert code that takes a trade on the breakout of the low reached. I work with the synthetic boom 500 market. In the logic of this index, the market goes down in ticks and then a spike comes. so in my strategy, when the market is going down, once it goes up 4 seconds in Tick leaving the lowest point, and then when the market comes down and break the lowest price it had left, the expert takes a buy( it must
Meta EA ***************************************************** Variables Stop loss : x pips (Distance in Pips), 10 pips plus ,minus the most recent bottom or top of lowest low or highest high , depending on either it is long or short trade. Next trade: Y pips (Distance in Pips); Y= Adding in positive on an opening of 4th candle, after a 3rd consecutive candles close in the same direction.... Not a fixed pip distance
Hello developers/ coders I have seen/ compared many indicators however, if you think you have any better and want to sell it please forward it to me with its default ex4 file with limitation. or if you think you can make one from scratch with whatever way you can please let me know about it. Many thanks

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