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Hello my request is the following:
Throughout a trading session I want to have my strategy tester constantly looping the last X hours or minutes as the day progresses.

Open Strategy Tester and put start date as today and end date as tomorrow and press start. My problem is that this is starting at midnight for today. I want to be able to decide at which time I want it to start OR even better if I can select how long ago to start from (start -1h from now for example).

Also if possible to have the strategy tester instead of Ending when it reaches latest candle/tick and requiring manual input to restart it, it restarts and loops automatically. However as time progresses throughout the day 'now'/'last tick' also progresses in the loop with live market (slight delay is fine)

The idea is while I am trading, I can have visual mode of strategy tester replaying the last few minutes or hours on a loop at a faster speed and see the movement of the market more fluidly as the day progresses.
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