I want to create a tradingview Indicator made based on the Quasimodo (Over and Under Pattern)

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Hello are you there???

I need a Tradingview Indicator made based on the Quasimodo (Over and Under Pattern). View the information about the strategy here: https://paracurve.com/2009/06/over-and-under-pattern.html

Both Buy O/U Pattern recognition and Sell O/U Pattern recognition with coloring of O/U Pattern candles with text showing O/U Pattern has been confirmed should be shown.

Plus, O/U Swing Point, Retracement low/high, Level getting taken out, Lower low/Higher High being made, Buy or sell O/U swing point after one candle has touched or tried touching(but was unable to touch the level) and then rising or falling candle should be painted ( https://paracurve.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/Over-and-Under-Pattern-1-Forex.gif and https://paracurve.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/Over-and-Under-Pattern-2-Forex.gif)

Also, there should be the option of how many candles/time period can be considered to analyze it for O/U pattern and coloring options that can be selected.

And showing the strength of the O/U pattern with say ++ -- +++ --- telling that O/U pattern is on other timeframes too so the strength increases due to that.

Also if we can add a trendline breakout strategy separately on this which can be enabled/disabled.

Also if you can incorporate alerts on this.

Let me know if this can be done.


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