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IS your solution based on any dll ? 

please provide the high level working of the copier


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Hello. I need to clean up the code of an EA. There are some things to delete , some to be remade better and above all, errors to fix . Errors are two: 1) The EA gives an error in live trading, in backtesting not, but in live it gives sometimes the error "Order failed - Invalid TP/SL" , and when this error happens the order is not opened. Some say that is because the Stoploss and TakeProfit are too small, but I tried
I have a trading script I wrote in Pine Script that I need converted to MQL4 EA. In addition to the conversion I want to add a few features to the strategy. I need the EA to back test a certain user defined time period (i.e 2 Years) and only give a buy/sell signal if the percentage win rate is over a user defined percentage if possible. I need to get an app alert/email alert for buy/sell signals with their buy/sell
Hello I'm in need of a programmer who can build an EA to trade news events. The following are the requirements: Time for the event( I must be able to set time for the news event) e.g. 14h30 Trades must open 10 seconds before the event( The time in seconds must be adjustable) e.g. 14:29:50 Adjustable lot size An option for multiple trades It must have an option to choose between BUY and SELL Take profit in pips (must
I,ve just backtesting my trading system with dow thery and Fib retracement to get entry position, Take profit with 1:2 risk reward ratio. my trading rules is describes technically below: Entry Triggered Limit Pending Order Exit wait for 38,2 at bullish/bearish Close Order With 1:3 50-61,8 medium buliish/bearish (MEAN) Close With 1:2 61,8-88,6 at Sideways Market (MEAN) Close with 1:1,5
i want simple hedging robot using mt5 platform. and trading currency name is volatility index pair. and order type is pending. and include this setting 1 profit target pip 2 recovery zone gap size 3 auto lot increments(lot 0.2$ , 0.4$, 0.8$,1.6$,3.2$,6.4$ ) 4 start lot size. and robot first open trade is ( buy trade)and when closing all deal re open order is (buy trade)
I need an EA which opens a position if: 1. A fast MA crosses a slow MA 2. This needs to be valid for Multi Timeframes (so open the position only if M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 are on the same direction) 3. The Tradingtime needs to be adjustable (Only trade within a specific time period) 4. The Moving averages should only provide a signal after the candle is closed
I have already an EA it is working sometimes and sometimes has problem not working correctly. The developer before did a mess, i need someone to adjust it. The robot is already done I need someone to fix the problem
Demand supply EA sometime enter in trades sometime not ( strategy is candle close after retouch , i think EA enter on candles which retouch zone and inside zone.. while i want count anything ... when retouch and bullish candle closed.. EA should enter in trade ...( like bearish /bullish engulfing ) find error why miss some trades 2nd add strategy when price just retouch zone . not candle close.... TP /SL /BE /
Upgrade EA 30 - 600 USD
I have a harmonic scanner EA and a separate indicator system that I would like combined into one EA. I will provide the files once the right developer contacts me
I need my EA to only trade buys when above the MA/EMA and only trade sells below. Need a modifiable setting that allows me to change the settings. Looking to do this ASAP

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