Wave predictor price action indicator

MQL4 Indicators


Create an algorithm that can accommodate some input parameters.

It's purpose will be in predicting trend and breakout scenarios of waves or reversals.

Indications will be a number of maxims found and what range of bars is needed for confirmation(s).

Once the pattern was found then it should repaint where more bars may be included at the tails.

By trendlines I mean it could be object orientated trendline or indicator buffer lines drawn.


  • min. bars maxim, 6 -- the number of bars in a top or bottom to confirm the pattern
  • x position bars, 15 -- the number of bars which outer trendlines are placed from central
  • maxims in total, 2 -- the total number of tops or bottoms in a pattern to confirm
  • rays on recent, true -- the ray setting for most recent pattern forming

  1. selected trendline
  2. not able to move trendlines
  3. only trendlines are displayed
  4. it repaints allowing more bars at the tails

origin position is the high or low and it can change. destination is found at the high/low and to get more bars adjust in tails to allow more bars. it shouldn't be back-painting using historical data. the pattern should appear the same on backtest versus forward test.



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