Integrate a full working example of ipcbus.dll with C++ exported functions

2020.01.12 Integration


I need you to create two experts. 

1. Publisher

2. Receiver

The Publisher

The Publisher will publish live quotes OnTick for the attached Symbol through the ipcbus.dll mechanism. This DLL is used by NewHopeEA to transmit quotes between their Fast Feeders and their MT4/5 Experts. 

The Receiver

The Receiver will receive live quotes published from The Publisher and show them on the attached Chart. The Receiver should read from the Publisher every millisecond/tick to receive price quotes for display on the chart.

The ipcbus.dll is an Unmanaged C++ Dll file containing the following exported functions.


In addition to your submission, you will be required to provide the function signatures for the functions seen above and example calls to the function.

Project information

50+ USD
For the developer
45 USD


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