Create an MT5 simulator for training

2020.01.08 Experts



I would like to create a forex simulator for MT5 I have been using one which is perfect but it only works on MT4, plus I need a better design.

Few files for you to understand plus the simulator I have been using (Soft4fx)

Let me know if you need additional information. Please send me your quote

 Read details below

Create MT5 simulator


1.     Choose the language


English, Frenc h or Spanish

2.     Login into the EA


The user enters his email and his EA key. Each user gets 3 keys for the EA.

The user logs in with an e-mail and gets a key.


3.     Download the forex pairs data with the right timeframe


All the forex pairs should be downloaded on a data base such as dukacopy


4.     Download the economic news calendar


The economic calendar data can be downloaded too on the EA.

5.     Simulation sessions


Open a new simulation session

-          choose the account currency

-          choose the account balance

-          choose the leverage

-          choose time on the charts session between (New York, London, Tokyo, Sydney)

-          choose start and end simulation on a calendar (example : from 02/02/2017 to 10/03/2018)

-          choose whether or not rewinding is possible

-          choose the spread (either default spread, either fixed spread you can determine)

Every simulation can be saved, loaded and deleted.

6.     Making a trade


Choose the trade lot size

·         You can choose the trade size from these 3 options

-          The trade size in lot (example : 0.2 lot)

-          The trade size in percentage of the account (example : 3% of account )

-          The trade size by money ( example : 30)

Choose the stop loss and the take profit.

·         The visual mode allows to choose the risk and determine the SL and TP from 2 horizontal lines. The TP will display the price, the pips numbers and the amount of the risk. The SL line will also display the same information.

At anytime, the trade can be closed in loss/profit. At anytime, additional positions can be added as far as the margin allow it.


Margin, margin level, free margin, equity do appear on the interface during trades.


7.     Launch the pair on the charts


The pairs are launched on the charts and appear using the template chosen by the user.
The template can either be the default or a specific template.


8.     Time speed and slow


The EA has the option of speeding up the time from 1 tick/second  to 200.000/second

The charts time move faster as you increase the speed. The trade is still open


9.     Design and EA look


The EA should be design friendly and have an attractive interface.

The choice of the colors should be wise and nice eye resting.

The golden ratio of 1.618 will be used to design the rectangle sizes of the EA interface.


10. Additional information


I need the exact copy of Soft4Fx with a different design. All the functionalities should be there.

For any more information please contact me

Project information

50 - 120 USD
For the developer
45 - 108 USD
from 1 to 3 day(s)


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