NinjaTrader and/or TradeStation programmer required

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Would someone be able to give us an estimate of the cost and time needed to program this on either Trade Station or Ninja Trader 8

1. So once the S&P index [not the Emini Futures Index] moves twice the trailing stop/take profit, so in this case to start with, 3 points [or the turnaround to start with 1.5] and comes back, can the script open a trade for 1 contract in the opposite direction it came from?

2.  We want to put in a trailing stop/take profit when the trade opens for 1.5 points. [Can this be adjustable? So if we want to change it to 2.0 points we can easily do that after you show us how? ]

In other words, the moving range must be 2x the turnaround number before getting in. So if 1.5 turnaround x 2 = 3, moving range in either direction, then script opens a 1 contract trade in the reverse direction. Can this be changeable?  For us to open more than 1 once we are comfortable?  Or does it have to be sent back to you guys each time we change it?

So, 2x the trailing stop or turnaround = a trigger to open a position in the reverse.  Whether short or long. Can we automate this so when we turn the script/ea on it will enter the market once this has been achieved?  This will be our entrance to open our first trade of the day.

3.  When we hit the trailing stop/take profit, we want to exit and reverse. Can this be automated?  So that after hitting the stop, it exits the trade and opens one in the reverse or opposite direction, so long stops, exits, reverses and opens one in the reverse or short direction for the same amount of contracts. In this case, one to start with. And...can this be changeable?  So that we can change to two or three etc.?

4.  If we hit 2 consecutive trades with 2 consecutive loses with no gains, can you automate a stop and exit out?  Where we will wait to see if conditions of number 1. are right to restart?  With either a restart button, or, we can just hit start again.

5.  Can the script have a start and end button.  For the opening and closing for the day?

That's it.  So, for the trailing stop loss, please show us how to change it and how to save it till next change.

1.  Value= 1.5
2.  Trailing Start is = zero
3.  Trailing step = .25 to move

What will this cost to program and what is the time frame?  Approximately.  Thank you.


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