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Security issue with EAs that needs dll call

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Kwok Fung Chan
Kwok Fung Chan 2016.11.01 20:26 
I just purchased a newly released commercial EA from a website. After using paypal as payment, i tried to search the recipient name on google. I am not supprised to found out that he was the creator of another scam EA that doesnt work.

Now, i finally received the new EA that i just purchased, but it says license have probem when i try to load it onto my chart and the chart closed automatically. The EA comes with a 30MB dll file, and when i load it onto the chart, it seems to me that it was trying to connect the internet to verify my account. 

When disabled my network adapter , the EA keep trying to connect the internet try to verify my account. And the EA also cant load.

EA with dll does have the ability to connect to internet server, and can have security issues.

I am not sure if i am over reacting.
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