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How to get better performance when lots of MT4 clients run

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Amy Liu
Amy Liu  

My server has this configuration:

1. 4 cores with 8G mem

2. SSD 60G, more than half free

3. Bandwidth 3M

4. Windows 2012

On this server, there are 14 MT4 clients running with EA. Every trading day during GMT 15:00 +/- 5 hours, MT4 clients will be like dead.

When this happen:

1. CPU less than 60% as usual, I can operate any other programs without block

2. Mem less than 40% as usual

3. Disk responses within 9mm as usual

4. TCP connections less than 50 as usual, and there's no limits setting in regedit

5. Rush time traffic-in 425.66kbs, at usual it is around 100bps

6. Rush hour traffic-out 151.6711kbs, at usual it's around 50bps

7. TCP delay of MT4 clients are 200mm to a little more than 300mm as usual

 It seems that the MT4 block happens when traffic goes up. But the server has 3M bandwidth more than traffic rush hour (in+out<600bps). Can some body help me to get better performance? Thank you very much!

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